Virtual and Onsite Trainings and Workshops

I design opportunities to expand your professional toolbox

Virtual Toolbox
Powerful & creative online facilitation techniques


2-Part Course on Zoom, Mural & Co with Liberating Structures

In 2 facilitated live half-day (2.5 hrs.) engaging, fast-paced and fun training sessions you will dive into the "Liberating Structures" facilitation framework.


You will experience proven and interactive methods and facilitation techniques for your organization or company. The course will provide online learning experiences on Zoom, Jamboard, and Mural - an online visual and collaborative whiteboard and canvas.


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Your Team Training + Workshop

A customized experience for your team, organization and company

Putting your team in the center is the hallmark of our customized and designed experiences - virtual or onsite.

Experience includes:

❏ Workshops and Trainings

❏ Team Retreats

❏ Strategic Planning Sessions

Liberating Structures

An onsite immersion workshop to experience the power and depth of Liberating Structures

Liberating Structures Immersion Workshop is an experimental and interactive training to experience methods and facilitation techniques for your organization or company.

You Will Leave This Training With 

  • A variety of the most popular Liberating Structure methods

  • Ideas how teams and groups best work together

  • Hands-on and engaging tools for your teams, volunteers, or donors

  • Skills to facilitate productive and meaningful meetings and gatherings

  • Confidence in changing your meeting dynamics

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Team Resilience Strategies In A New World

An interactive training for team leaders and managers with peers from across industry!

Experience engaging, people-centric practices to address the challenges that will enhance your work with remote teams. 

You Will Leave This Session With:

❏ An opportunity to reflect on your level of team resilience with fellow Team Leaders

❏ Exercises to take back to your team to share the challenge and co-create solutions

❏ A compass to lead you in the right resilience direction for a greater sense of team collaboration and collective ownership