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Bringing innovation to your team and organization through facilitation, design thinking, and Liberating Structures.


"My passion is designing and sharing creative, effective, and team-centered solutions with you:
team managers and organizational leaders.


It is my mission to help unleash your inner potential
and to boost your team.


I believe in innovating and tapping into new tools
and opportunities to successfully adapt to the
changing 21st-century work environment".

Mural Plane For Breakout Room Groups_Tan

The MURAL Plane

Charter the "Mural plane" - a creative MURAL hack to communicate with your Zoom breakout room groups.

Have you noticed that your teams on Mural often cannot see the Zoom broadcasts or do not pay attention to the Mural chat window?

Take off with your own "Mural plane" to reach your teams and breakout room groups on the Mural board. Have some fun with it - and fly high. 


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Tanja Sarett, CFRE

I am a passionate facilitator, trainer, executive coach and
international philanthropy consultant who partners with innovative leaders and managers - companies and nonprofit organizations that are ready for a transformation.


I help clients and teams visualize complexity and bring their concepts, projects, and products to life. I specialize in optimizing outcomes in the virtual space and the 21st century distributed workplace.

I bring to my work with professionals and teams a wide range of collaborative and creative techniques and tools from IDEO Design Thinking, Liberating Structures, the Technology of Participation, and the Agile community.

8 Reasons to Work with me and

Synergies Created:

  1. I've been where you are

  2. I have varied experience

  3. I've honed skills in key areas driving
    your mission


  4. I've done more with less, and then
    raised more money


  5. I can invest philanthropic dollars, too

  6. I have special global expertise

  7. I've worked with, and in, diverse
    and multicultural teams


  8. I believe in designing creative
    and team-centered solutions


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