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Executive Leadership Coaching
Executive Coaching | Leadership Coaching | Career Coaching | Personalized Coaching

I empower and help growth-oriented professionals thrive.

As an Executive Leadership Coach, I will partner with you to  

  • ​gain confidence and reach your potential

  • expand your leadership + communication toolkit to motivate and work well with others

  • get insights into your workstyle and workplace preferences

  • unlock your creativity to pivot, innovate, and develop solutions

  • achieve positive change and measurable results

  • work out your most pressing issues

  • increase your job performance and satisfaction

  • develop and advance in your career 

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"My coaching experience with Tanja was fantastic! She provided tangible advice that I could directly apply to my work".

Timberly Williams

Curious about coaching? Let's take a look:


The coaching process:

  • ​focuses on the present + your path forward

  • empowers you to discover your own solutions + answers

  • provides a safe + supported environment to learn about yourself 

  • gives you tools to dive deep, understand, and become aware

  • taps into your strengths + helps you navigate "weaknesses" 

  • gives you the opportunity to name challenges + overcome them

  • invites you to set goals + develop a plan that is uniquely right for you

  • holds you accountable to help you achieve what's important to you

  • makes you stronger with a cheerleader + thought partner on your side

Coaching ...

  • is a co-creative partnership between the coachee + coach

  • requires openness and honesty to be successful

  • excels when the coachee wants to do the work - reflect + grow

  • depends on the coachee's investment in the coaching process

  • is a professional process and different from consulting + counseling

... emerge through powerful questions during coaching sessions;
Aha-moments + solutions bubble up in-between sessions;
The needle is moved during a coaching assignment;
Puzzle pieces come together thanks to an assessment; 
A game-changer is a question or word; 

It is your journey ...
... you decide what you are ready to give, and you will experience how coaching can help you lead a better and more fulfilled life + career.

Insights ...

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