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Executive Leadership Coach | Facilitator 

Nice To Meet You!

I am Tanja Sarett, ACC

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I am passionate about empowering and supporting professionals + teams.

Leaders, managers, young professionals, and college graduates - anyone ready to grow and advance! 

As an Executive Leadership Coach + Facilitator, I partner with YOU to achieve YOUR goals. 

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I became an Executive Leadership Coach + Facilitator after 25+ years of leading organizations and programs, and creating change. 

My professional journey has been filled with meaningful, interesting, and, yes, also difficult experiences. My desire to grow in my roles and advance in my careers meant that I had to believe in myself, learn, pivot, and navigate opportunities and challenges. Sounds familiar? 

I started as a professional in Munich, Germany, and relocated to the United States almost twenty years ago. The changes were plenty. I had to stretch my professional muscles and reinvent myself in a new work environment. 

Early on, I learned that I have to take full personal responsibility for my career. That investing in career advancement cannot be outsourced. 

I also realized that it's hard to do it on your own. Being fully responsible for your professional development and career can be exhilarating and also challenging. I believe that everyone deserves the support and resources to grow professionally and become a high performer.

That's why I became an Executive Leadership coach.

I am here to partner with you, to give you the support YOU deserve.


Think about me as your cheerleader and trusted advisor who wants to excel.
A partner who gives you the time and safe space to tap into your potential and the solutions that are uniquely right for you.


I value your perspectives, build on your strengths, and recognize your skills and contributions. I see you. 

And I am here to support teams achieve outcomes onsite and online. I design and facilitate inclusive, collaborative, engaging, and safe onsite and virtual experiences and planning sessions. 

My learning journey has included: 


International Coaching Federation, Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential

Center for Executive Coaching, Certified Executive Coach, ACTP

A globally recognized and accredited executive coaching program. Training curriculum, methodologies, and toolkits designed for coaching leaders and managers on critical business issues and challenges.

Facilitation and Organizational Processes

IDEO U, Certificates in Foundations in Creative Leadership, Designing Strategy, and Advanced Design Thinking

International Association of Facilitators (IAF), EndorsedTM Facilitator Designation

Scrum Inc, Certified Scrum Master

International Institute for Facilitation, Certified Virtual Facilitator

Institute for Cultural Affairs, Certificate in Technology of Participation (ToP) Facilitation Essentials

Cornell University, Certificate in Change Management

Support Center, Certificate in Management and Supervision

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