Virtual Toolbox 
2-Part-Course on Zoom, Mural & Co with Liberating Structures!

Powerful and creative online facilitation techniques 


2.5-5 hrs

The Virtual Toolbox is a Liberating Structures Immersion Course - an experimental and interactive online training to experience proven and interactive methods and facilitation techniques for your organization or company. The course will provide online learning experiences on Zoom, Jamboard, and Mural - an online visual and collaborative whiteboard and canvas.

Learn and experience how to transform the online space and how you work with teams and clients.


In 2 facilitated live half-day (2.5 hrs.) engaging, fast-paced and fun training sessions you will dive into the "Liberating Structures" facilitation framework - a toolbox that will unlock the potential for you and your work. 

The course will introduce you to techniques that help build meaningful peer-to-peer connections, foster collaboration, reveal insights, discover and share, and develop effective strategies.

Course Outline

Day 1 on Zoom & Jamboard: Diving into the online possibilities

  • Impromptu Networking (Experience)

  • Diving into Liberating Structures 

  • Troika Consulting (Experience)

  • TRIZ (Experience)

  • 15% Solutions (Experience)

Day 2 on Zoom and Mural: Advanced collaboration online

  • Thick Beginnings (Experience)

  • 1-2-4-All (Experience)

  • Liberating Structures design tips

  • Structure of Your Choice; vote for 1 of 3 methods (Experience)

  • Mad Tea (Experience)






About Liberating Structures

Liberating Structures is the next big thing for organizations and companies tired of the same old meetings, gatherings, and events. Already spreading through the technology ecosystem, Liberating Structures are simple social techniques that distribute participation more widely while drawing out greater difference and variation within groups. Making waves in the United States and around the globe, and with a growing following in the Agile and Scrum worlds, Liberating Structures ignite the interest and energy of leaders and teams. 

Liberating Structures facilitation and collaboration methods

  • distribute participation equally

  • unleash the power of the group and its members

  • address complex issues - yet are fairly easy to learn

  • are scalable

  • powerful in person and in the virtual space

  • are energizing and fun

You Will Leave This Course With 

  • A variety of the most popular Liberating Structure methods

  • Ideas how teams and groups best work together

  • Hands-on and engaging tools for your teams, clients, volunteers ...

  • Skills to facilitate productive and meaningful online meetings and experiences

  • New online possibilities on Zoom, Jamboard, and Mural


  • Not required: prior experience with Liberating Structures techniques, Jamboard or Mural

  • Required: learning mindset, curiosity, team-spirit!!

  • Required: participation in all 2 workshop units

  • Tech requirements: stable internet connection, webcam/video, input feature (keyboard), ipad/computer/laptop/notebook 

What Participants Have Been Saying

"Thanks for this great session Tanja Sarett and your detailed preparation of the whiteboard and your patience in explaining tools to less experienced participants." Michael S.

"I can't thank you enough for yesterday and plan to use these activities with large groups of teachers and other employees ... would love to figure out other ways to do more!" Connie J.

"Amazing session Tanja. Thank you for facilitating this event and providing practical tips, advice, and materials." Donald P.

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