New Philanthropists | Family Foundations | Funders with Lean Staffing | Grantmaking Strategy & Process



New Philanthropists:
Assist emerging philanthropists to develop a philanthropic strategy and establish funding priorities that align with your values and interests.


Family Foundations:
Consult with members of your family foundation to define a focus for giving and to achieve desired impact.

Funders with Lean Staffing: 

Help you manage the day-to-day operations, craft and coordinate or manage grant application procedures, including grant proposals evaluation and applicant assessment, so that you can dedicate your time on tasks that are most meaningful and rewarding. Assist you in managing the disbursement of funds to grantees.

Grantmaking Strategy:

Conduct research on potential focus areas for your grantmaking, analyze possible impact, and submit report on findings.

Grantmaking Processes: 

Review your grantmaking process and recommend improvements to make it more efficient, user-friendly, and even enjoyable for you. Design with you your desired grant outcomes, and develop and coordinate grant reports and outcome evaluations.